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Biobased dyes & pigments

You are looking for biobased dyes and pigments for your industrial processes.

PILI is currently developing textile dyestuff as well as pigments for other applications. The samples we now produce are for internal testing. If you would like to be informed of the next opportunity to test them, please fill in the form below.

We will use the information in this form for strictly personal purposes. We are committed to treating your data with respect. For more information about our processing of your data, please consult our legal notice. By validating the sending of this form, you confirm that you agree.

Aromatic chemicals & chemical intermediates

You are looking for biobased alternatives to fossil-based, animal-based or plant-based molecules you currently buy

PILI can provide biobased aromatic chemical intermediates or develop new synthetic routes leading to biobased chemicals.

You can contact us at contact [at]

Academic & Research partnerships

You are working on a subject related to PILI’s activities as a researcher

And you want to colaborate to have a greater impact on industrial applications.

You can contact us at contact [at]

Educational & Art projects

You are looking for workshops

We have given many workshops but we are not giving any more at the moment.

You want to showcase the project 

We like to share what we are doing in specific contexts such as science museums or exhibitions focusing on ecological concerns.

You can contact us at design [at]


You are looking to change the chemical industry and look for a team to do it

Even if we are not currently hiring, feel free to send us your resume and tell us why you would like to work with us.

You can contact us at careers [at]


If you want to talk about PILI, you may need to talk with PILI

Please do so at press [at]

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