Here are the pilists!

PILI gathers a whole team of talented and passionated pilists in biology, chemistry, business and design.

Our founders

Jérémie Blache

Guillaume Boissonnat

Marie-Sarah Adenis

Thomas Landrain

Our Team

Marie-Sarah Adenis
Creative Director

Jérémie Blache
Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Cottet
Head of organic chemistry

Bob Fernandez
Analytical chemistry

Caroline Schiavon
Metabolic engineering

Emilie Amillastré
Head of microbial engineering

Vincent Blanchard
Organic chemistry

Lucie Crépin
Head of metabolic engineering

Filipe Gomes
Organic chemistry

Benjamin Barry
Microbial engineering

Audrey Baylac
Metabolic engineering

Guillaume Boissonnat
Chief Scientific Director

Marjorie Denard
Microbial engineering

Nuria Ramos Aznar
Metabolic engineering

Where it happens


– TWB –

Toulouse White Biotechnology

The city of Toulouse became prosperous from the woad (pastel) in the 16th century.

We love the idea that our first color to be produced with bacteria was also a blue!


– CNAM –

Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers

The CNAM created the first chair of tinctorial chemistry in the mid-19th century.

We feel blessed to be working in this place where dyestuff chemistry florished in the old days. We hope to bring a new chapter with our biobased dyestuff chemistry.

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