made in microbes

designed by humans

Colors are everywhere in our daily lives...
but most of them are made from petroleum, with catastrophic results in terms of energy use and pollution of ecosystems. We have to get rid of polluting oil-based colors and find a sustainable alternative that can be scaled to meet a massive demand for dyes and pigments.

At PILI, we found a solution in the invisible world :
living things don't rely on petroleum to efficiently manufacture color and other precious molecules. Microorganisms are the experts in this field as they can transform matter in a clean and efficient way thanks to their enzymes. Fermentation allows microorganisms to break down renewable plant-based matter like sugar or wood, to reshape it into dyes. This process has a reduced energy balance since the enzymes in these microorganisms work at room temperature, without toxic solvents, and using far less water and energy than petrochemical processes. We can thus produce sustainable high-performance dyes by designing the best color cell factories ever thanks to synthetic biology.

At the beginning of the 21st century, PILI brings together biology, green chemistry and design, applying the ancestral craft of fermentation to modern biology, in order to
brew color at an industrial scale. 

We use the power of cell factories 
to produce highly efficient renewable colors

Our team is designing the best enzymes and fermentation biotechnologies to efficiently transform sugar into renewable and long-lasting colors. 

At PILI, we work with enzymes and microorganisms as the cleanest factories ever for fabricating brilliant dyes.

Nature provides this awesome process and we enhance this great ability of biology to create colors. By upgrading it, PILI creates the most renewable, accessible and powerful color technology!

We design renewable dyes
especially for the textile industry

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