made in microbes, designed by humans

PILI is growing a new generation of renewable colors so we will soon be able to enjoy the magnificiency of colors without harming the planet.

Until now, all the colors we love rely on fossil fuels and corrosive chemicals with a huge impact on the environnement and our health. Their pollution is highly problematic especially in the textile industry which is the second most polluting in the world.

At PILI, we decided to biofabricate a sustainable alternative with the help of micro-organisms that already brings us bread, beer, wine, chocolate and many other stuff where we need them in the process of fermentation. Fermentation allows micro-organisms to break down renewable plant-based matter like sugar or wood, to reshape it into dyes. This process has a reduced energy balance since the enzymes in these microorganisms work at room temperature, without toxic solvents, and using far less water and energy than petrochemical processes.

We combine the millenial know-how of fermentation with the most cutting edge biotechnologies to create any colors with high performance and low impact on the environnement. We teach them how to make colors and how to save even more energy they already do. So yes, they do have a degree that the bacteria in our belly don’t have ;) We give them everything they need, food, love and respect. In return, they offer brilliant colors that can be scaled to meet the massive demand for dyes and pigments. We believe that a sustainable alternative should be accessible to everybody, and that’s the case as we can brew colors at an industrial scale.

PILI’s technology can offer these 4 essentail building blocks : sustainability, high-scale production, high performance and accessibility to the greatest number of people.

We currently focus on renewable dyes
especially for the textile industry

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