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    Context of bioproduction

    A revolution is growing regarding the way we produce, use and recycle products. This new era will be ruled by microorganisms, microscopic living beings that can be cultivated to produce a wide variety of renewable materials at industrial scale. Mostly used for ages in the food industry through fermentation (beer, bread, cheese, chocolate, vinegar..) and more recently in health care where engineered microorganisms produce pharmaceutical molecules (insuline, …), these champions now show up again in the production of smart and renewable materials.


    Biofabrication of colors, our mission

    We choosed this new way of production to work on something we cannot live without : COLORS!

    PILI is focused on the biofabrication of colors produced by microorganisms in order to replace the petrochemical versions (non-renewable, toxic to work with..) and the vegetal ones (non scalable, expensive, dependant on weather..). A lot of industrial sectors have been waiting for such a product and now cooperate with us, eager to use our living colors, from textile to cosmetic factories, to develop the future of colors in which we can already predict that affordable and sustainable products will lead the way.


    History of the project

    Everything started in the framework of La Paillasse in 2012 where we made our first proof of concept and created workshops for adults and kids to introduce them with those new modes of production. Workshops took place at the Science Gallery (Dublin), Gaîté Lyrique (Paris), Victorian & Albert Museum (London), Opéra Bastille (Paris), La Paillasse (Paris), Genspace (New York). The enthousiasm people showed gave rise to an ambitious project : to bring these biofabricated colors to the many, and to include them in our everyday life's products. In 2015, PILI moved in a big cluster for biotechnologies : TWB (Toulouse White Biotechnologies) where the core of the project is done in biology. PILI still has an office at La Paillasse where the research in design and prototyping takes place.

  • We work with


    The realm of bacteria brings us many 

    treasures from medicines to biomaterials 

    (image : spore under microscope)

    to produce renewable colors at an industrial scale

    We focus on a first renewable color biofabricated by bacteria to replace the petrochemical one, with a

    scalability that is unachievable with vegetal dyes

    from textiles to cosmetics

    We collaborate with many industrial sectors to developp the best reciepe for these colors to replace the ancient ones

    between biology and design

    We use design as a powerfull way to experiment with the properties of these new materials, interacting and sometimes guiding biology experiments

    toward an infinite living palette

    We work on the creation of a large palette

    of living colors


    Jérémie Blache

    CEO, Cofounder

    Marie-Sarah Adenis

    Chief Creative Officer, Cofounder

    Guillaume Boissonnat

    CTO, Cofounder

    Émilie Amillastré

    Biotech Engineer

    Thomas Landrain


    Lucie Crépin

    Biotech Engineer


    La Paillasse


    Open Science & Tech Acceleration



    That's the place where PILI was born!




    First French Biocluster



    Pili won the

    "Prix Coup de Coeur"

    in December 2014


    Indie Bio


    Biotech Accelerator



    2015 summer acceleration program in Cork, Ireland

    Indie.Bio EU

    BPI France


    Public Investment Bank

    Laureate of 2015 National
    I-Lab Competition


    Laureate of 2016 World Innovation Challenge



    European Leading Bioengineering Center



    Member of the Consortium since 2016

    French Government


    Innovative Project Award in Strategic Sectors for French Economy



    Accelerating Innovation in Circular Economy


    First Prize of the

    Circular Challenge