Glory to the microbes!

An illustration contest 
dedicated to the extraordinary and little-known life of microorganisms!

👉 Curious about microbes? Read The microscopic appeal of 18 June 👈

🤓  Why an illustration contest on microbes?  🤓

We want artists to unveil new imaginaries.

We need these new imaginaries because for too long, we've been thinking about microbes as crap. 
But now, scientists can say that microbes are great partners in our daily lives. 
Even though some of them can cause disease, the vast majority brings incredible things to the world. 
That's what we want to celebrate. 

The drawings will be at the crossroads of what science can say 
and how artist perceive these amazing facts.

⚡️  What is so unique about this contest?  ⚡️

The final drawings will be silk-screened with a very special ink created by micro-organisms! 
You will thus draw on microbes lives and they will be producing the dyes to make this illustration visible!

In other words, bacteria will be drawing through you about their lives.

🦠  What about microbes?  🦠

To introduce you more deeply with microbes, 

you can dig information by yourself on the internet

but we have also written this article to help you discover these unknown realms and to share and communicate our love for them.

(We will take the time to tell you much more if you are selected)

Glory to the microbes

⏳  Calendar  

Step 1 : Apply with your portfolio

June 18 -> August 18 (selection of 20 finalists)

Step 2 : Sketches production for selected artists

August 24 -> September 28 (selection of 10 laureates)

Step 3 : Creation of the final artworks

September 30 -> November 9

🏆  Rewards  🏆

200 € per finalist

1500 € per laureate
2 serigraphs of your final drawings silk-printed with bacterial ink

🎯  Requirements  🎯

+ 18 years old

Any nationality

Any background

As a finalist, you will have to produce a monochrome-compatible illustration 
because the final artwork will be silk-printed as a monochrome

To sum it up

 🏁  Step 1  🏁 

We want to discover your aesthetics, your uniqueness and your creativity


To do so, we ask you to prepare a PDF with the following items:

- 10 pages filled with various drawings, illustrations, sketches

(We want to feel your aesthetic universe)

- 1 page with 2 short texts 
(a mini biography telling us who you are + a short text explaining why you are interested in microbes  
and the aspects you would like to explore (if you already have an idea)


Send this PDF (<15Mo) at design

by Tuesday, August 18 at 6 PM UTC

We can't wait to discover your creativity :)

 🔎 🦠

You can download the poster in full HD here

Have a closer look 👀