• Centre Pompidou •

PILI is exhibiting in La Fabrique du Vivant [The Fabric of the living] 

from 20.02.19 to 15.04.19  

teaser of the exhibition (PILI inside!)


The exhibition questions the mutations of the concept of nature, in the light of the recent technological production. It traces an archeology of life and artificial life. Mostly prospective, the exhibition also presents some significant creations and innovations in the field of art, design and architecture through the works of fifty creators.


Curator: Marie-Ange Brayer & Olivier Zeitoun • Some of the artists & designers presented alongside our designer Marie-Sarah Adenis (PILI): The Tissue Culture & Art Project (Oron Catts & Ionat Zurr) - Neri Oxman & The Mediated Matter Group, MIT - Spela Petric - Studio Formafantasma - Daan Roosegaarde - Heather Barnett - Hicham Berrada and many more.

• PILI •
Set up by Marie-Sarah Adenis & Piotr Widelka

• XXII Triennale di Milano •

PILI is exhibiting in Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival

in the French Section From Thought to Visible. Design as a large Ring

from 01.03.19 to 01.09.19  

The XXII International Exhibition of La Triennale di Milano “Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival” curated by Paola Antonelli, focuses on “creative practices in surveying our species bonds with the complex systems in the world, and designing reparations when necessary, through objects, concepts, and new systems.” PILI is exhibiting in the French section “De la pensée au visible. Design As A Large Ring” curated by Catherine Geel and a young reasearcher commission. The idea was to underline the conceptual and yet contemplative aspects of the projects: «France, with its applied arts legacy, now has the asset of thought and humanities. In the French section, the large model-surface, surface-landscape, surface-projection has added a bookcase filled with several hundred copies of the same publication. It contains design projects. Readable, these books belong to the surface, they support it. They are the project archive.»


Curator: Catherine Geel • Scale model and graphic design: Karl Nawrot • Design and scenography: Sophie Breuil • Architectural design : Block Architectes • Executive producer: Marie Lejault, T&P Work UNit • Designers, architects and researchers presented: Marie-Sarah Adenis (PILI), Color Cells Factories - David Bihanic, Flood vs Drought - Astrid de la Chapelle, • Sarah Garcin et Pauline Briand, 163 km2 - Émile De Visscher, Petrification - David Énon, Mineral Accretion Factory - Juliette Gelli, Raphaël Pluvinage et Wiebke Drenckham, Water Tower - Samy Rio, Superproof - Justinien Tribillon and international collective, Migrant Journal - TVK, Architecture of the Ground Studies • Young researchers committee: Sarah Dulac (Designer, independent reseacher), Clément Gaillard (Philosopher and urbanist, Université Paris I, Institut de géographie - Paris and ENS Paris-Saclay), Elizabeth Hale (Designer and researcher, Cité du design), Thomas Havet (Architect, independent curator), Tiphaine Kazi-Tani (Designer and researcher, ESADSE and Cité du Design), Anthony Masure (Designer and researcher, University Jean Jaurès, Toulouse), Océane Ragoucy (Architect, independent researcher) • Coordination: Lola Carrel • Website and network: David Bihanic and Trafik Construction; Amaury Daurel and Victor Delestre • Mounting: Serge Majewski • Video Director: Matthieu Foulet

• PILI •
Texts written by Marie-Sarah Adenis
English version translated by Una Dimitrijevic
Video directed by Marie-Sarah Adenis & Paul Bonlarron